About Tim Hallam

Photo of Tim

Broxtowe’s Liberal Democrat candidate Tim Hallam

Tim grew up in Nottingham, starting work at a factory in Colwick straight after completing his GCSEs in the mid 1990s. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1997 as an Avionics Technician, spending the next decade travelling across the UK and the world working on various military aircraft, during which time he met his wife Jess, also in the RAF.

After serving two tours in Kandahar, Afghanistan, fixing and maintaining Harriers, Tim decided to settle into civilian life with Jess and concentrate on their growing family. The pair moved to Stapleford, Nottingham, where they now live with their children Mark, Ella and Ben (and the family pet Tahra, a black Labrador).

Harrier GR9 over Afghanistan

Tim was a Harrier technician in the RAF, decorated twice for service in Afghanistan

A keen advocate of British engineering and manufacturing, alongside his role at Bombardier in Derby, Tim has worked with local primary schools to promote STEM subjects and occupations, supporting and encouraging the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Tim is a keen campaigner for local issues, taking a leading role in the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan, as well as using his Lib Dem contacts to coordinate with other Neighbourhood and Local Plans to share knowledge and benefit the greater area. He was also recently elected Treasurer of the Hemlock Happening annual community festival.

A London Underground train straight off the production line

Tim worked as an engineer at Bombardier in Derby

As a Broxtowe resident, Tim understands too well how cuts to public services are affecting people’s lives and livelihoods, and believes that the area deserves proper representation in Parliament to make sure local issues aren’t overlooked. He is particularly concerned that the East Midlands, with its proud heritage at the heart of British Manufacturing, will be hit hardest by the potential drop in international trade following Brexit.

Tim promises to serve his community as hard as he has his country. As a well respected engineer, practiced in discovering and implementing innovative solutions to complicated problems, he is most qualified to deal with today’s turbulent political and economic climate without losing touch with the real objective: to make our communities flourish and our opportunities soar, in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and fair.