More United should be ashamed

The political crowdfunder More United, of which Tim Hallam is a founder-member, has today confirmed that they’re spending £6000 of donors’ money to help fund Anna Soubry’s campaign.

Tim said:

“Why More United would choose to give a whopping amount of cash to Anna’s campaign, which is clearly well funded already, is beyond me. They’re funding five years of votes against progressive policies and enabling a more right-wing and authoritarian government than I ever thought was conceivable.

“Paddy [Ashdown] explained the concept of More United to me – that it would be used to give a leg-up to progressive candidates from any political party. I backed the idea, not because I thought they would necessarily back me in return, but because I want to see a new kind of politics where the best candidate can win, no matter the depth of their pockets.

“Anna isn’t a bad person – I actually quite like her – but she’s not a progressive. She voted to leave the EU, against rights of EU nationals to remain in the UK, against a more proportional voting system, against giving more power to local councils, and is in favour of mass surveillance and the government ‘snooping’ on its citizens.

“Anna can sometimes say things that I agree with, but when push comes to shove she will vote as she’s told by her party, because she seems to be more concerned about her career than doing the right thing for Broxtowe and Britain.

“This decision is a massive kick in the teeth to me and any other candidates in Broxtowe who genuinely embody the principles of More United, in word as well as in deed.”

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