Election hustings – Tim Hallam owns the show and the Tories are a no-show

Liberal Democrat candidate Tim Hallam spoke at the first hustings of the General Election on May 8th at Beeston Parish Church, alongside UKIP, Labour and Green candidates. The Conservatives were notably absent and were given an empty chair to highlight this. The topic of the debate was Britain and the EU.
A round of topical and pertinent questions from the audience saw Tim in his element – the points he raised and the answers he gave were clear and passionate, as much a testament to the Lib Dem’s unwavering pro-Europeanism as to Tim’s eloquence and conviction to stand by his principles.
Tim commented on Facebook:
“I was proud and delighted to speak at Broxtowe In Europe‘s election hustings last night.
Massive respect to fellow panellists from UKIP, the Green Party and Labour – we may disagree on matters of policy but we all put the effort in and had a healthy and lively debate.
The only negative of the night was the Conservative Party’s failure to attend or even send apologies – I think it shows contempt for the voting public and an arrogance beyond belief.
Thanks to Chris Tregenza for chairing the event and to the many, many people who took time out to attend, ask questions, and judge for themselves who they think would make the best MP for Broxtowe.”

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