Tim’s view on Europe

Tim is unapologetically pro-European and campaigned hard for Remain during the EU Referendum. When asked whether he had changed his mind following the narrow result to leave he answered, “I don’t change direction just because I’m outnumbered, I won’t be bullied into supporting something that I think is wrong, and I haven’t seen any reason to change my mind. Britain is greatest when it stands firmly alongside its allies, tackling issues that affect us all, and benefiting from membership of the world’s largest economy. The European Union is a testament to post-war cooperation, it’s the legacy of Churchill, and something that British people should be proud to hand on to their children and grandchildren.”

As an engineer who’s worked in manufacturing, Tim Hallam says that the East Midlands has the most to lose by leaving the Single Market, with the region boasting the highest share of employment and income from manufacturing in the UK.

“The East Midlands was the birthplace of British industry, and to this day we punch well above our weight in productivity. Brexit will put all of us at risk – anything that makes it harder to import the parts we need and sell the things we make will cost us jobs, from engineers and technicians to office staff and managers. This will have a knock-on effect on local shops, leisure – you name it. Nobody will be unaffected. We’ve seen what happens to areas where the main employment shuts down – mining towns and communities are still suffering decades later. We don’t want to become the UK’s “Rust Belt” – we have to protect British jobs by protecting British trade, and we trade the most with our nearest neighbours.”

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