In Government the Liberal Democrats introduced the Triple Lock on pensions. This policy was a pledge of the Lib Dems in 2010 and, despite being outnumbered 6:1 by the Conservatives, they introduced it (as well as 75% of all other Lib Dem policies from their manifesto). The Triple Lock ensures that pensions always increase by … Continue reading

Tim’s view on Europe

Tim is unapologetically pro-European and campaigned hard for Remain during the EU Referendum. When asked whether he had changed his mind following the narrow result to leave he answered, “I don’t change direction just because I’m outnumbered, I won’t be bullied into supporting something that I think is wrong, and I haven’t seen any reason … Continue reading

More United should be ashamed

The political crowdfunder More United, of which Tim Hallam is a founder-member, has today confirmed that they’re spending £6000 of donors’ money to help fund Anna Soubry’s campaign. Tim said: “Why More United would choose to give a whopping amount of cash to Anna’s campaign, which is clearly well funded already, is beyond me. They’re … Continue reading